~..wedding at pahang..~

monim u olz..

at last i manage to story to you about the wedding and my trip to Pahang last Saturday..

8.00am : wake up and settle up things for the trip and clothes to stay at my sister’s place tomorrow Sunday.

9.30am : the journey starts.. Actually we need to pick up my sis at her place and it juz in the way to Pahang. But before that we stop at petrol station to refueling the savvy and buy some foods to eat since we haven’t take breakfast at all. It takes about 1hour to arrive at hers and 3hours to kuantan.

11.00am : the journey to Pahang starts.. we have 1 more pit stop before arrive at the wedding since him need to solat and my sis need to change her baju kurung.. n me.. do wut I need to do.haha

3.00pm : safely arrived at ayaa’s wedding.. she was so sweet with her grey beautiful wedding dress n her husband with baju melayu in the same color. So lovely newly married couple.. luv to see them both.. so sweeeet.. cant wait to be like them.. but before that we stopped at the nearest supermarket to buy a present for them.. takkan la nak g ngan tgn kosong kott kak oi. Their wedding overall ok.. but my overall opinion about the wedding day iz im not satisfied. Why?? coz for me in every wedding ceremony there should be a welcome guest, the entertain guests, and most that im cannot stand iz in the middle of we eat, the bride left to have photo shoot at TC. unreasonable rite?? Then after done eating slowly we want to go back. and it happen again! where the bapak or ayaa’s mak to send guest back? Where?? Hoho.. sungguh kuciwa sebab xdpt bunga telur narnye.huhu we juz blah from there juz like that.. so sad..

4.00pm : 1st pit stop at Kuantan – we stop at East Coast Mall.. juz jalan2 n eat at sushi king. My sis’ idea..
nak sgt mkn sushi before puase

6.00pm : stop by at TC beach.. I ve been there for second time in this year and still wearing baju kurung.. cane leh lupe g bawak baju spare? Kuciwa lagi but paling sedey of coz la my dear coz he wearing jeans at beach and his friends don’t want to mandi pantai.. sorry to u my dear.. next time we go pantai2 we bring extra clothes ok??n not wearing jeans or baju kurung anymore.. so we juz take picture and walking together at the beach.. I bought a carved wooden antic car for my brother suke sgt kumpul kete and some souvenirs for my dearest friends.

8.00pm : on da way back we stop at HTAA to visit my another sis since she work as a trainee there.

9.00pm : we moved back to KL.. so tired+ worn out + exhausted.. him must be more tired than me of coz since he alone drive the savvy.. tanx dear.. about 11.30pm im safely arrived at my sis place.. but him still need to drive to go back to his houze..
penatkan?? memang penat tapi berbaloi even xdpt bunga telur.. 1st time nih.huhu tapi it is worth to spend a day with my love ones.. kan3??
gamba?? nex session k.. im tired at all.. banyak kot aku kena menaip nih.. nk tdo kejap.mlm ni kena study.. da dekat midtem kott babe..

currently mode: penat tp excited nk jumpe yg tersayang:p

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