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tol ke pe yg aku bebel 2 yek? urm.haha
salam sejahtera..
salam perkenalan..
nama diberi sikitiki norkorzakarikinaka binkintiki ridkidzukuankan..
asal kelate n purely kelantanese.. but currently at bangi coz im studying rite now..
im taking computer science majoring system & networking.. almost done studying since im final year student already.. cannot wait to finish my study.. horray! tapi kena abeskan fyp dulu..tensi2!
i m single but currently not available. haha
a happy go lucky person with my closed friends, a shy person with others.haha
really love to eat nasi kerabu since im kelantanese.. ok! but him doesn't like:( xpe2.. nnt pas kawen i pakse u suke jugak.haha , ice creams shedap2! , big apples donuts sape2 nk blnje?my luv la.haha
luv purple so much!haha
anymore to add? i'll think and rite some more after this..
need to siap2 for class.haha
currently mode: malas:P

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