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hohoho.. Just come back from watching “BEST OF TIMES” - a Thai movie with him ɞ ɞ ɞ ..

“Some people spend most of their lives trying to forget their first love, but some spend a lifetime reminiscing about their last love. Since men are not goldfish, they don’t easily forget their past loves, it’s just that sometimes it hurts too much to want to remember. Nevertheless, everlasting love is always worth fighting for. Best of Times, a romantic story involving two couples show how even the briefest of encounters with true love can leave you with the most memorable lifelong memories.”
This is movie review from yellowcinema.com

For me, this is a story of 2 different romance couples, young and old. They have different story but have share their love story together. I love the most the parts where the old couple is trying to express their feelings to each other. Without using love words, but they can feel the love between them. Overall, I love this movie. And still can watch this for few times after this. Even at first I think im wasting my money to watch this movie.haha.
tanx a lot dear kerana sudi menemaniku menonton cite ini.hehe

thiz: pakcik jamrus & makcik sompit :)

thiz: si veterinar & activis anjing - dr. keng & fai :)

currently mode: nak tdo.. sok kls 8pg-12. hoho

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