~..midterm exam..~

dear diary..
correction here.. the comfirmed date for the midterm exam are as follow:

1. network analysis & design (200810 - fri) extra 2 days for review the notes
2. embedded system (260810 - thurs) a week after the actual date
3. data security & computing (1st week after midterm break) still not comfirm in which day will be the test..

currently mode: happy!:p

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abma said...

salam santai and selamat berpuasa. Semuga dapat menjalani ibadah2 dibulan ramadhan ini serta mendapat keberkatan dan kerahmatan. Wish u success in what ever you do. Do visit me back next and salam click :-)

Aliffiena said...

abma : tanx visit.. slmt bpuase jgk:)

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