mohd aliff farhan musa..

him.. juz a normal gud looking guy..

why i like him? dunno why.. mybe coz of he likes me too. perasan!haha

how can i like him? coz he likes to tease me.. from segan2 become loike.miz diz moment.haha.. n coz awak pon de ciri2 laki idaman saya tau.. saya suka laki putih dr saya.. tinggi dr sy.. pakai sepek.. awak sengal2 ubi.. n xnmpk alim sgt.hehe.. xalim luaran je. okeh?

what i like in him? 1st time we go on a date after few days we be friends n before officially declared as couple , i just like him the way he was.. the way he talk to me.. how he smiled at me.. how he eat.. but not when he cungkil gigi. but now he throw the habit:) the way he walk.. i like the most his hand.. awak tau sy jeles ngan tgn awak.. tp kuku sy lg lawa dr awak.haha.. everything juz perfect for me.. evrything bout u i like n love the most.. nothing to change okey dear?

when i started to like him? after few times he teased me.. i remembered his face dat moment.. wif his slamber n sengal face.. n me.. yg malu2 n gedikz2 face.. tp dia ckp time 2 saya sumbonk..yela wak..xkan sy nak gedikz2 g kt awak duk sembang ngn awak..xke awak lg tkejot n tros reject nk ngorat sy?tol x?n kwn2 awak msti ngutok sy kalo sy wt camtu.kan3? awak.. leh x awak ngurat saya lg? rinduu sgt moment 2.. mcm nk ulang blk je.. awak ngurat sy.. sy suke.. tp kalo org laen ngurat sume sy xlyn.. ngn awak je sy tpikat.. awak bgga x? sebab time ni sy da stat suke kt awak.. malu.hehe

where i first met him?
if im not mistaken.. at coe foodcourt.. rite dear? n then we met again at the same place.. n u do the same.. tease me.. then in front of ilmu gate.. tanx dear for remind me of thiz moment.. im almost forget bout it.. all thiz time he tried to send his regard through my friend @ his friend too.. tanx husna.. without u mybe we cannot be together.. we officially dating together after a few days n i remembered that day i want to went back to my uncle's houze since that tomorrow nite i want to went back hometown for midterm break.. i start to miz u on that nyte after u left me there:)

why i love him? simple.. bcoz he love me too.. n i cannot love anyone else like i love u..

how i can love you? i juz love u.. the more i try to hate u.. the more my luv for u will increased.. n it become more n more everyday..

what i love bout you? everything! u always be by my side whenever i need you.. u always help me when no one else can help me.. u always manjakan me with ur love.. u like to treat me.. u accept me the way i are.. u always said im cute.perasan!haha most important is u always love me as much as i do to u..

when i love you? everyday! everytime! every seconds of my life i love you n will always luv u..

where i love you? whereever i are u always in my mind.. i always miz u whenever we are apart..

tanx a lot n lots more for always be by my side whenever i need you.. hope to be with you forever n ever.. luv u always dear..

currenyly mode: in luv n really miz u :(

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